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I'm Not Losing My Mind My Minds Losing Me

Updated: Jan 4


Familiar with the imagine of a little white mouse as small as a thimble running on a tread mill wheel without pausing! Ever wondered how it stops, or stopped yourself long enough to watch a mouse exit from the spin?

Me either, no pause button, no red light, no saying no to anyone, this can be part of a busy productive often overactive mind set.

Holding down any job, just getting through an ordinary day whether you work or not. Commitment, passion within your work, life and energy come to mind.

Having no stop or pause button, breathing only with the breath you are born with, not with the breath you can learn, can be a disadvantage.

Learning how to breathe is as simple as - breathe in, breathe out - repeat three times and yes, we oxygenate our bodies, often feel better, refocus, and develop a sense of clam within. A somewhat sensible way to get through our day, if practiced.

Easy for some, for others a struggle.


Taking - s l o w breaths - in and out on a regular basis, can support your levels of oxygen within your engine like body.

Our car engine needs oil to function, we need oxygen simple as that.

Imagine setting your phone alarm to gently buzz each hour reminding you to breathe slower, take some time out and refocus.

Learning this many years ago helped me, keeping it up was a challenge, when everything else needed attention, putting ourselves aside to work harder, achieve goals, study, bring up children, be in a relationship, etc., etc. Still the corners of a curious mind that wonders,

asks questions, daydreams, yet the mind lets us focus with the blink of an eye.

Alert when required, switching from dreams to reality.

You tired yet?

Do we take our minds for granted or do we pay attention to what we feel, notice, need or require?

You still with me?

You know that feeling you get inside when someone says, “All you have to do is breathe.” You know the ones you read or are advised to do on Instagram, Facebook, in a yoga classes. Yes, those ones!!!!

Well off you go time to start slowly - breathe in, breathe out!!

How do I remember to breathe slowly when I know I really to???

Maybe we need to stop, put breaths into practice.

Try this: s l o w l y breathing in, hold, breathe out and repeat 3 times.

Ok let’s do this now: silence, watch focus and start!


Ah, better?

Did you focus purely on your breath?

Be honest, it’s hard at times.

Breathe well, be kind to yourself.

Thank you for reading, engaging and hopefully breathing slower today.

Wait for the next part of this unedited information, covering how we go from one thing to another, sometimes mindlessly unaware of time. Signing off for now, Alison.

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