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All About Your Breaths

Updated: Jan 4

Greetings, how are we in the world out there?

Are we good, ok, fine?

We usually say this when people ask us, it's almost a universal response, only expressed in many languages, means the same thing when its good, ok or fine!

If we really are just good, ok or fine then how do we make changes?

Remember your GP check in first they can guide you to support and help you may need more than the following information:

  • Let's reflect back to my first blog - BREATHING - that's right, the thing we do every day.

  • Let's notice our breath - Slowly - Breathe in through your nose Breathe out through your mouth - Repeat 3 times , try again 3 times.


  • Ask yourself, check in with yourself as you check in on your phone, we need checking up on, we are important too.

  • Maybe if we do this on a regular basis, like popping it into our daily routine, or just being random when we feel we need it. Remember nobody knows what you are actually doing when you breathe in and out slowly 3 times.

  • We can be at work, home, school, busy shopping, caring for family, preparing for a speech, many spaces where we have to be.

So let's use the breath work and see if it works for us.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, needing air - take the plunge


Take time to find what you need to help you make the small changes, keep your goals small and not too big, that you cannot reach those goals. Breathing slowly as you go.


Slow motion walking and breathing:

Find a space, could be your lounge room , bedroom, garden, bush area.

Walk mindfully, slowly and with each step take those slow breaths in and out see how long you feel comfortable doing this - oh and repeat if you feel the need!!!!

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