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 Art Therapist & Counsellor - Alison Walsh
Art Therapy NDIS Registered Provider - Preschoolers to Adults.
I encourage "Small Steps"     -    My Mantra "Breathe in, Breathe out"    
Home visits, School or Community  Centre visits, Mental Health - Men's/Women's Groups, Parent Focus,  Adolescence Groups or Individual Sessions
Team Wellbeing Session - Corporate Groups. Central Coast & Newcastle NSW Regions - All groups run in some Sydney areas.


         What is Transpersonal Art Therapy?
"It is not necessary to be artistic in any way "

Transpersonal Art Therapy enables an  exploration of our unconscious thinking, through imagery and art activities, enhancing self-expression through  unspoken words.

We seek our  emotions behind and within images or art works we create.

It's all in the process of your work not the end product you see.

Transpersonal Art Therapy includes a holistic mindful exploration about you.

Exploring the unconscious mind, noticing what comes up for you during your art therapy processes and imagery

Listening to your story, supporting you with a client centered approach, enhancing your strengths helps you and your family.   A range of art processes are offered, while being empathetic and mindful to your needs.

The art includes collage, drawing, pencil/crayon designs, painting, sculpture with clay, focusing on images, Djembe Drumming (African Drums),movement or meditation.

You will learn more about yourself and develop strategies to enhance wellbeing to face life’s challenges.

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy 

Diploma in Counselling

ABN: 71 245 897 870


Mobile: 0416 137 776

Fully Insured: Australian, New Zealand & Asian Creative Arts Therapy

 Association (ANZACATA).

NDIS Registered Provider:  (Australia only).

COVID 19 Vaccines: Help & support available (Australia only).

Over the past 15 yrs I have cared for many families as a Family Worker including supporting and teaching in the following areas:

Early Intervention:

      Domestic & Family Violence 

      Children suffering Trauma

       Symptoms of PTSD

      Children and adults with disabilities

      Mental Health concerns for children, teenagers and adults.

      Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Families

     CALD - Cultural Linguistically Diverse families


     Triple P- Positive Parenting Program – strategies for parenting, children to adolescents.

     Tuning Into Kids Program – Developing strategies for parent’s and children up to teenage yrs to regulate their emotions.

     Drumbeat- Discovering relationships with children and/or adults, using emotions, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, music and movement.

     RAGE- Re-navigating Anger & Guilty emotions

     Play Therapy- primarily working with children to support processing their emotions. Young children with disabilities.


My passion is listening to and supporting people. Giving is one of my key strengths. My other passions include writing, in which I am an author of children's stories relating to mindfulness. It is important for me to embrace time for family, crafts, gardening, walking, and volunteering. My volunteer work includes helping at Coast Shelter, running a Womens Art group and cooking in the kitchen. I support and  value the NSW Ambulance paramedics and their need for mental health support, including donating to Amnesty International focusing on human rights and the cancer foundation.  

I believe if a person needs to explore different areas in their life, seeking support, needing to learn more about themselves, the interventions of different professionals can often help. Transpersonal Art Therapy Sessions can help clients build on their strengths, support difficult circumstances such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression, trauma & grief including domestic violence.

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Confidentiality & Information Storage

Art Therapist, Alison Walsh is a member of ANZACATA & a NDIS Registered Provider. Adheres to recommended confidentiality  of  electronic storage files. Your records are for the purpose of monitoring your treatment progress. If you are under 18 yrs files will be kept until you are 25 yrs of age. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone outside this business unless you have signed the confidentiality form for further service communication and intervention or a  request for subpoena to court is received.


Tel: 0416 137 776

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